About Me


  • Principal at Chicago Ventures – Lead the firm’s Consumer investments
  • Young Entrepreneur at Foundation Capital
  • Kauffman Fellow, Class 18
  • Chicago Booth MBA 2013
  • Former high stakes poker pro
  • Launched $1M “poker hedge fund” in 2011
  • Active Angel Investor
  • Director of Marking @ CardRunners Gaming
  • Interactive Marketing at Buzz Marketing Group
  • Launched record label in college helping to produce Grammy nominated artist
  • Shot short film in high school – screened at multiple festivals
  • Love bitcoin 🙂


  • Dear Ezra,

    We are a passionate and hard working young team that designed and developed, what we consider will be, the next generation web application!

    Kuende Beta was just released a couple of weeks ago and, because we have reached that important point in time, where your feedback and suggestions, but most importantly, your experience and knowledge, could be the deciding factor of how fast and how high Kuende can grow, we invite you to take a look at our short introduction into what Kuende really is.


    We are very committed and dedicated to our project and believe we are ready for the long run, but only now we felt confident enough to show Kuende’s potential to the world, because we know we are on the verge of something big and it will be a game changer if you would be alongside us in this journey that is about to come!

    We appreciate your time,

    Team Kuende

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